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Stainded Glass Sun Catcher

Ornaments/Sun Catchers

Carnegie Stained Glass Ornament/Suncatcher  
In 1904, educational and business leaders in Union began a push to build a proper library in its own building. Steel Millionaire and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was contacted and he agreed to furnish $10,000 towards the structure, a munificent sum in those days. The community raised $3,500 privately to purchase a large lot on South Street and the city budgeted $1000 annually for operations and maintenance.  Built of decorative brick with a copper roofed dome and stained glass, the library opened in
1905. A large annex was added in 1985 and it is currently undergoing a beautiful renovation in 2018!

**Union County Court House, Union High School, Cross Keys House, Lockhart Schools, and Jonesville High School are now available in our ornament series. Coming soon is Sims High/Jr. High. Please add $5.00 for shipping.

Price: $22.00

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